Developed a system consisting of a simulation, a web and mobile app that creates driving recommendations, warnings of traffic events and simulates traffic for the municipality of Kirchheim near Munich based on multiple sensor inputs. It was developed as part of the iPraktikum course at the Technical University of Munich.

Tech used:

Python (Flask), Javascript (Angular), Swift, SUMO


We developed an app that allows players to practice facial expressions and the recognition of emotions through facial expressions by playing games on their browser using those expressions. We won both the Microsoft challenge and the Wildtrack.

Tech used:

Machine Learning, Javascript, React, Typescript, WebRTC


Developed an app to save different application window arrangements and allow them to be reopened in the same arrangement later on, all integrated with Logitech's MX Master mouse as part of the challenge.

Tech used:

Javascript (Node.js, Electron), Applescript, Logitech SDK to integrate with the mouse

5AM Bot

Created a Telegram bot that checks if people have woken up at 5am and scores them accordingly.

Tech used:

Python (Flask, Aiogram Telegram API Wrapper), Firebase

IntelliJ Monocai Theme

Developed a color theme for Jetbrains IDE's called Monocai based on the Monokai Pro colorscheme with over 20000 downloads.

Tech used:



Won the award for the best project in Engineering at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra during my Erasmus exchange with RFIT – an Android app that utilizes RFID and IoT to offer intelligent workout tracking.

Tech used:

Java, Android, RFID